Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's time for a story

So... the game's story framework is pretty much done (what the story will be about, but dialogues and stuff like that haven't been made).

This is all thanks to Nicholas "Maverik" Court, a friend of mine and the story writer in this project. Also, I would like to mention I altered the text to omit any spoilerific parts. The original framework, however, will be uploaded to a project wiki (which is yet to be made). Once it is up, be careful when reading it as it will spoil not only the story, but also the paths the player should take in order to achieve the best ending (I'll tell you... there are paths to be chosen as you play).

So here is the overview:
Bittersweet Candy Brawl(Title is also Maverik's idea)

It is a happy day like any other day in Roseville, except… today is Daisy’s birthday! The group is gathered in her house, having fun and playing games, with the usual tension between some of the guests. However, suddenly a group of thugs break inside and attack! The kids manage to fight them off and call the police. Shortly after, the phone rings… it’s Augustus!

“You have 24 hours to find me, or the kid's a goner.” Molly must have been kidnapped!

The group chases after him. What could he possibly want? Will they be able to rescue Molly?

So yep, it's going to be a game about Bittersweet Candy Bowl! (If you don't know what that is, check the previous post)

Further details will be revealed in the next post. See you later!