Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some interface for the BCB dating sim

So... I'm finally posting again! The project isn't dead people.

Anyways, I started working on the interface design for Ubertoast's BCB dating sim.

Here is what I have so far. (Click the images to see them in full resolution)

Title screen
Ubertoast practically told me to keep that background image, so I basically designed the title menu to match it. The BCB logo clashes a bit with the BG, but nevertheless, I think it looks good. Added CG as an option, so that the players can enter a gallery where they can see all the CG's they have encountered.

That little heart thing is the cursor, assuming the game is controller by keyboard. The selected options are highlighted pink, and the spaces with data in them are green. If the game is controlled by mouse, we can just make the cursor select the option the mouse is on, or remove it altogether.

Just put the important stuff there. If there is something else this menu needs, tell me. Note that this time, the 'Back' option at the top is highlighted, and the enabled options are green.

The left panel isn't always there, don't worry. I suggest that it should pop up when Esc key is pressed, and go away when it's pressed again (or perhaps, right click). The 'Hide interface' option hides all windows and text on the screen, allowing the player to fully see the background image.

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