Saturday, November 6, 2010

The wikia is open now!

So, finally I'm posting all the design details over at the wikia.

So far I'm only transferring what I already had to there, but I have some new material (Stats) that I have not yet posted here.

So, the final stats that will be used are:
  • Offense:Your character's offensive power. The higher this stat is, the higher the damage you deal.
  • Defense: Your character's defensive power. It helps diminish the damage taken. This also makes your guard stronger.
  • Endurance: Dictates how much damage your character can take. Increasing this gives you more maximum health, and also makes your guard stronger.
  • Speed: Your character's agility. This helps you move and attack faster, and increases the odds of enemy attacks missing.
  • Skill: This dictates your character's accuracy. It makes it more likely that your attacks will hit the target. This also slightly increases the chance to land a critical attack, and avoid being stunned after being dodged.
  • Will: This is the character's will to achieve his/her goals. This decreases the rate at which the will meter depletes, allowing you to stand in battle longer and avoid instant KO's. This also increases the chance of landing a critical attack, more so than Skill, and slightly decreases the chance of being hit with a critical attack.
Also, keep in mind that each character has some base factors. Do not mistake those with the stats; these factors represent how much more (or less) each stat helps a character.

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